Enoc Perez



Born in San Juan in 1967, Enoc Perez, the son of an art critic, was introduced to museums and painting lessons from a very young age. After receiving degrees from Pratt Institute and Hunter College, he established himself in New York, he has become known for his representations in paintings and prints of modernist buildings, through which he has sought to capture the loss of the optimistic belief in an utopian future that had marked their construction. “In a way, these architects really believed in the idea of utopia. There’s a true sense of believing in these buildings, and if you look at contemporary architecture, that’s not as much the case. The fact that they’re from a different era makes them nostalgic. I love painting, and I believe in painting, and I share that with these architects who believed in utopia. A lot of painters paint to question the medium, which might be perfect for them, but I’m one of those who really believes in painting.”

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Take a four-minute video tour of Enoc Perez’s show at MOCA/Goldman Warehouse, where you can see his thematic range:


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Watch a time-lapse video on the installation of Enoc Perez’s Utopia at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington:


Enoc Perez’s work is represented in Fluid Ecologies by Ponce Inter-Continental Hotel, Ponce, Puerto Rico.

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Ponce Inter-Continental Hotel, Ponce, Puerto Rico, from Exit Art portfolio, 2011: SEA (Social-Environmental Aesthetics), 2011. Screenprint with acrylic and watercolor on Coventry Rag White 320gsm, unique hand edition. 30 x 22 in. (76.2 x 55.88 cm). Gift from Exit Art. 2012.26.3.4